About No More Drama


Not that long ago in a place not that far away a good friend was going thru a dark period in his life.  He had Drama, and lots of it.  After he shared all this Drama with me, I felt the need to do something, anything...but what could I do?

On a whim I drew the international "NO" sign with the word Drama in it--and his face lite up like a Christmas Tree.  Simple, but yet it speaks volumes, I hung the sign on the wall at work and as time went on I noticed many other folks just staring at it, always with the same reaction

Somewhat surprised at what I had created, and the stir it caused, I still felt it needed "something" to make it unique and stand out.  Something diferent, but keep it original appeal.  Enter the Oval.  Those who liked the Drama Circle loved the Drama Oval.  At the request of many, I put the logo on a few items, (hats, shirts, keychains, etc) and passed them out to a few friends.  I wore the shirt and hat to a few theme parks over the summer and people were pointing, staring, and smiling at me..They loved the No More Drama items I was wearing.  So now we had a cool logo which everybody loved  and an idea everybody could relate with, but now what?

After applying for a few trademarks, and enlisting the help from some energetic fun people, we expanded our product line, put a web site together and rented a kiosk in a local mall during the Thanksgiving weekend.  The Drama Kiosk was born and we were a "real business", finally! 

So, help us spread the word, suppport the No More Drama products, and enjoy the No more Drama Lifestyle.  

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No More Drama and No More Drama Logo are Trademarks of No More Drama, LLC